Monday, 18 May 2015

Porlock Weir

Last week on my birthday we went to Porlock Weir. It's a small fishing village just down the coast from us (about an hour if you get caught behind a tractor trimming the verges). Weir
Tiny really tiny.

The weather was fantastic, the drive superb in the Alfa with the roof down, heading west along the A39 coast road. The place itself like many of the northern coastal towns of the southwest, almost entirely isolated end of the road destinations. That may sound obvious, but in the context of many of the southern coastal towns, there is a road in one side and out the other. Along the north, there is a road in that is the road out, hanging off the A39 like a tendril, and very often those roads are little more than farm tracks. The north coast of southwest is very different to the south coast of the southwest.

The road in and out
Birthday day out ... birthday suit, there is a story behind this.

You can make all the buildings disappear by walking to the waters edge.
We didn't do much while we were there, a short walk (me knackered from work the day before, Amanda still having knee problems), a quick scoot round (superb handmade glassware) and a pint before a civilised drive home.

Sheltered Bay (sort of)

Coast path yonder (campsite over there, we will be going back asap).

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