Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Burnham on Sea Beach in January

Aside from walks on the hills north and south of Burnham on Sea this month, we have taken (or I have taken as I get rather bored being stuck indoors) walks along the beach during the last month. The idea is that we are getting in shape to do the Mission Mendip Walk later this year (whether I can take that kind of punishment I will know in a couple more weeks, it’s an 18 mile walk and my lumbar didn’t half complain the other day. However it may just be a case of building back up). But I digress.

When the sun shines ... and even when it doesn’t, Burnham beach always has people walking their dogs, walking themselves, running, kiting, land yachting, metal detecting , fishing or kicking a ball about.

Maybe it’s because there are no Groynes, maybe it’s because the town is almost an island right on the seas edge, self contained with a captive audience. I think I’m saying other beach fronts I’ve been to are busy, but none to my recollection have been quite so busy or well utilised as Burnham on Sea given the towns apparent size.

The pictures below are all from this month, taken by myself or Amanda. Amanda has taken some excellent zoomed shots; mine a little less exciting. They extend from our neck of the woods round by the river mouth (River Brue) out as far as the Lighthouse (mentioned recently in the Huffington Post as one of the world’s most beautiful http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/homeawaycouk/worlds-most-beautiful-lighthouses_b_3676915.html).

The mud can appear, silver, blue or tea coloured dependent on the light conditions. It can look like gently moving water or be pan flat depending on the previous tides conditions. The Quantocks can be erased by a subtle mist lit by a white sun, and the sea can be fearfully rough as it slams the steps and sea wall. There is architecture and interest, little quirks, and a sense of wholeness that belies that fact the seafront part of town is maybe only 600mtrs end to end (that’s the bit with building along it). Enjoy the pictures.

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