Friday, 26 September 2014

SEOs and Job Hunting v2.0

Just as an immediate follow up. I bothered to put labels against the previous post. Labels and the use of labels is how Google and others grab freely given information and then re-post it in Search Engine Optimisation or Optimised Search Engines.

I put the labels in because when people search those terms for whatever reason this blog will now be in the results, maybe in the millionth position but there all the same. If we were making money or running ads from this site, then labels and Adsense would go hand in hand.

Call it baiting, BT and Barclays and the Jobsites who are so frivulous with your information. A one finger salute, that says, for all your high ideals, your individual parts are human and greedy. And we know you turn a blind eye.

While I'm still be bitter about the abuse the system is open to I do fully understand the diversification that the internet allows, and that should we ever run ads from this site based on the equipment we've used or the places we've been, then we would happily use labels all the time for commercial gain.

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