Thursday, 11 September 2014

Burnham on Sea the 2nd highest tide

I wrote the previous piece because we took some pictures last night around sunset, and the highest tide of the year, but the piece took on a little life of it's own and I found myself scanning our old pictures, and the words were no longer relevant to the pictures below.
The Marina

It was an odd evening. Now the holiday makers are gone, there is a new evening scene on the prom. There was a fishing competition taking place, an RNLI exercise in Search and Rescue, but mostly there were locals, jogging, dog walking, and bearing witness to the high tide. It as an odd thing to come out for ... though who am I to speak? When I am one of those that would make such a journey just because.

There is a quality, a something indefinable about this tiny town in Somerset, enjoy the pictures.
Clay Pits and saltings
The River Brue sunk under ten metres of salt water

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