Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Waal

Ships of Inland Europe. 

This is one afternoons worth from around ten past three onwards. The Waal is a distributary branch of the Rhine leading to Rotterdam. It is an amazing river with amazing traffic. The bridges on many of the ships can raise or lower to allow higher loads, some are fully de-mountable and can push up to six of these huge barges at a time, they carry everything, cars, containers, coal, oil, gas and cruise's. Many have cars parked on the rear deck for the ships crew when they reach their destination, many are sole traders and live aboard.


De-mountable Tug/Push unit

De-mountable unit with four back to back barges attached

Car carrier

Bridge raised

It’s 17.29 as I write. Average a out at one every two minutes. I stopped taking pictures an hour and a half ago.

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