Friday, 11 April 2014


We did wrong by Switzerland; we passed through it. We made much video of our passing through and we need to make a date with it again in some future hence. Enjoy the pictures of our passing through and trust that it was by far and away the most breathtaking, jaw dropping, truly awesome drive of either of our lives. The video will follow sometime in the near future.  You can pass through Switzerland south to north in a day easily ... east to west not so much. We must come back even if just to the northern marches in the lea of the Alps where the lakes are like seas (though they are like this all the way from Como in Italy), and the pasture looks like it’s been poured over rock. Where melt water waterfalls fall from so high they turn to mist before collecting themselves lower down and many metres from their source to run down and across the rocks again before meeting boulder and rapid strewn rivers of the Ginest Gin clear water I have ever seen. Enjoy the pictures, we have on this occasion had to retouch the contrast on some of the mountain views. Not many but some.

PS: We're in Bad-Bellingen in Germany ... it's lovely.

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