Wednesday, 26 March 2014

France (that's where we are, though this strays far from the point).

We entered France from Northern Spain about a week and a half ago. I don’t think we were prepared for the change, I don’t think we could have been prepared for the change.

Perpignan was cold and wet, then we went to Carcassonne, it was also cold and wet. We then went to the Camargue, which was cold bright and windy then wet, and in the main something of a let down from the dreams of a very young me having seen this awesome wilderness narrated by `Doleful Seventies Natural History Programme Narrator Chap'. And then we made a dive across to the Nice area. 

This is a big stop because we need an oil and oil filter change, we want the brakes checked as they have been a little faded since we did some long constant breaking coming down hills both in Portugal and then on the descent into the Cannes/Nice area, and we have a squeak on the Auxiliary belt when we are starting and in particular if it’s damp (even though it’s been changed, then dressed, then adjusted, before we left England in December).

We made comment about the four way conversation at te Reault Service centre on Facebook a day or two ago. This was me explaining technicalities to Amanda who was then explaining in her best French (which is pretty good I can tell E'), to a chap who spoke very passable English who was then explaining our requirements to a very nice man who has no English whatssoever. 

We will post some more complete updates in the next couple of weeks. However we are going to throttle back on doing videos, because they just take too much time, to pull together in terms of file conversion and compression, clipping out all the foul language, subjective cobblers that’s probably entirely erroneous if not outright slanderous, and because wifi in Europe that isn’t within the confines of your own home is about as reliable and consistent as a politicians promise. Hence not many post recently, and still posting stuff from Portugal, which we left behind eleven days ago. 

The plan will be to compile the videos we've made when we back to England in the first week of May (or there about). Our tenant is moving out so we are going to take a break. Move our stuff from storage to what will become our permanent home. Do some other sodding about and take a break, before doing a good three to four months around the UK from the end of June onwards.

What we can say without fear of contradiction is that travelling is a exhausting, and we are exhausted. 

We intend to be in Italy by early next week, and turned towards home a fortnight after that.

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