Saturday, 15 March 2014


We are behind the curve on writing about stuff. Wifi being absent or us being busy ... it happens.
Final note about Orbiturs. We turned up at Orbitur Madelana late this afternoon.

We checked in, handed over our last two Orbitur Passports, drove around the site ... you can’t try before you buy on these sites. Needless to say it qualified as the worst of the lot so far and we left immediately ... they don't provide refunds, there's a massive sign telling you so ... the only campsites in Portugal that need them. Look at the website ... its utter bollocks, and way past it's hayday. I will be posting this link on their Facebook Page along with our previous post.

We aren’t sure if we’ll get into Porto, because we are camped outside a good way, and the buses here don’t run on Sunday ... God might get cross and send down a lightening bolt or some such retributional shit ... very loving, and kill all bus drivers ... some things don’t change as you move up country.

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