Monday, 10 February 2014

Seville (Sevilla).

We’ve stopped in Tarifa for this few days to wait for a pair of Kindles and my new electronic cigarette kit to arrive. On from this it seemed like a sensible place to stop for our visits into Gibraltar, Seville, Jerez (where Sherry comes from) and Cadiz, before we start the final leg of this bit of Spain and pop over into Portugal. We’ve hired a car again, and are leaving our worldly goods and moho in the relative safety of Camping Valdevaqueros.

A Bodega

The weather hasn’t been kind to us for a few days with gale force winds and rain ... your hearts bleed I know.

Anyway, we went into Seville in what can only be described as English weather, and couldn’t do the place justice. Even with top notch water proof clothing, after two or three hours we were both drenched and cold. The cathedral was closed to visitors who didn’t want to do the church thing, a gallery nearby was closing as it was afternoon by the time we’d gotten there. The only thing we really got a good look at was the Alcazar. Well worth the ticket price and the 120 mile drive. I would make a trip back here and do a weekend city break ... the only other places I've done that were Amsterdam and Paris (and Paris only because I got free flights).
Henry Moore Sculpture (I love em)

The Alcazar

I'm not one for city's as a general rule, but sometimes you have to make exceptions, if you're down this way and the weather is in your favour, visit Seville, the architecture is glorious, I can't say much more because in real terms we saw so little.

We stopped for lunch in a Bodega for sherry and Tapas, and watched the old fella who ran the place write our bill in chalk on the bar. Today we are in Jerez for the day and night in a hotel, so we can do the Bodega thing properly and try all the sherry we want ... it’s a posh piss up you could invite your aunty Maude to.

Funky Modern Bodega/Cafe


This part of Spain has been completely left field after the last two months of travel. In the mists and rain, you could have fooled a stupid person into believing they were driving the A303 through Wiltshire, then up the M3 through Hampshire and then by some quirk of the space time continuum Cambridge. It’s been mostly level, very green, and it’s only when you focus in on the plants that reality gives you a quick one two and reminds you where you are.

Cathedral Square 
Today as we re-traced half the route in the clear of the day following the storm, I was still making west country comparisons. I like this bit of Spain, I like the feel of the air ... it feels like the air of home a different type of humidity. Enjoy the picture there are. 

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