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We aren’t going to write much about Alhambra, it’s vast. And to try and describe it here would take a lot of time, and unfortunately we only have a few hours before we move on again. There is Skyping to be done, a bag of laundry to set off and then dry (it’s cold wet and blowing a gale here (we’re near Malaga by the way ... it’s horrible), so line drying is out of the question).
Man Made Waterfall that Allows the Water to Flow from the Complex

Relatively Modern Church (was once a Mosque)

Watch Towers 

Gardens and Footings of  Buildings

Modern Stonework

Palace of Charles the V

If I have any comment to make about Alhambras plasterwork which is spectacular, then it is a little negative. In 2007 I went to Egypt, there is paintwork under lintels 3500 years old that hasn’t faded. In Alhambra most of the plasterwork is faded in the areas you can see. There are areas you can’t access where the gold leaf and paint are still resplendent (see Wikipedia and palace websites). There is one internal space where we did see the old glory, but you’re not allowed to take pictures.
A Lower Precinct

The Generalife, and it's Flanking Gardens

Garden created in 1931 (Generalife)

Tiny Stream Aqueduct in the Street

All Part of the Complex


The Nasrid Palaces

Courtyard Garden one of Many

Rear of Charles V Palace

View from the top of the City Walls

The Oldest Military Section

It's Enormous

What it's Made Of

The entire place runs on a brilliantly engineered set of aqueducts, for the ornamental fountains, bathrooms and for irrigation. The water comes from the Sierra Nevada, which is currently looking very pretty with its covering of snow.
Sierra Nevada

View Down into Granada 

Granada Cathedral 

The Old Castle Agian

Another Courtyard Garden with Fountains

Inside a Part of The Generalife

View From The Generalife Kitchen Garden towards the Nasrid Palaces and Old Castle

A Palace Footings from Earlier Times
Enjoy the pictures. Thank the Gods of T’Tinternet that this site has fantastic wifi, there are 56 and we could have put up double that and still missed as much as we saw.
View Into the Old Castle Quarters From the very end of the Complex 

The observant will see the Water Spurting from the Wall to Feed Another Section of Aqueducts 

From Geralife to the Castle

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