Thursday, 26 December 2013

Some Other Photos

Leaving Portsmouth
This is just a few odds and ends from the last week and a bit. We are moving on tomorrow to a place called `El Poble Nou Del Delta’ it’s an Aire in a wetland reserve. Looking at in on Google Earth it looks like thousands of strip fields. We will be out of contact for several days at least.

Our Cabin Aboard

It was Worth the Expense

Our Private Beach

Our Private Beach from on High

At the Top of the Rock, Far end of Beach

View from Top of Rock

The Way Up

Laundry Day after a week of Faff 

Fat Bloke at Base of Rock (for perspective)

View Back to Campsite

Nice Light
Prelude to a Storm

By Morning these Waves were in Reverse

Christmas Dinner Prep

Add caption

Christmas Dinner Served

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