Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year One And All

So that was 2013, it started with a bit of a bang ... around 3am on the 19th of January when our original motorhome was written off, and ends on a fairly quiet note in Alcossebre Eastern Spain, in Moho Moho, Part Ambulance and Part old Moho. Since we have been in Spain we have seen at least a dozen of our old Talbot/Citroen/Fiat/Peugeot based mohos (one of them a J-reg) so if it hadn't been for some pissed up, work-shy piece of shit car thief, no doubt the old wagon would have made it this far and further. The pictures below are a random sample of highs and lows; summer in Southend and Leigh on Sea, Canterbury, Whitstable, Thetford, the old Moho's last journey to donate it's parts to the Talbots and its variants elsewhere, the ambulance and it's transition to Moho Moho (so good they named it twice). A suspected broken Scaphoid bone, Planking where one shouldn't, and the start of shifting our other life to a shipping container somewhere in deepest darkest Essex.

Tomorrow we start 2014 in the land of the foreign, having spent an evening in the company of Dutch, German and English travellers much like ourselves, looking for a bit of adventure and sun, before its too late to do so anymore.

Happy New Year one and all, may your 2014 be prosperous, exciting and adventurous.

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