Tuesday, 20 August 2013

End of Days

So here we are three working days left before we both leave our respected jobs and employers. We have so much to do.

1. MOT (car and motorhome)
2. Insurance (motorhome pre and post re-registration)
3. Valet a car
4. Sell a car
5. Re-home a cat
6. Move the furniture we brought from our old house to my brothers, into storage ... arrange man in van
7. Sort out our going away clothes
8. Make space in the lock-up by moving our garden tools into alternative storage (for the furniture above) this maintains walk in space)
9. Sell the old motorhome’s brand new fridge, charging unit, and water heater
10. Change addresses on existing documentation
11. Photo copy and maybe laminate documentation (twice minimum)
12. Obtain a new spare wheel for the new Motor home
13. Eeeeer Obtain the Motor home ... it’s still with Paul in Devon
14. Have new spare wheel delivered to Paul
15. Find out for sure if my right Scaphoid bone is actually broken (2nd September)
16. Sort out five new tyres (I was going to get a set of Alloys, but I’ve decided that’s a months diesel on vanity) tyres to be multi season just in case
17. Obtain the new Satnav unit
18. Make a list of all the forum users who’ve ever clogged up forums with utter shit, tangents, boasts, lists of shit they have used previously, seen, done and been to, despite having no bearing on the initial enquiry made by the poor bastard looking for “help” on the forum, and egg and flour them ... I would have said murder them in their sleep and nail them to their own front doors, but you have to be careful what you post on “T Tinternet” these days lest someone takes you seriously and calls the police
19. Prepare alibis for any murders involving motor home users where items of iron mongery, or modes egress and exit were involved
20. Make a list of contents for the purpose of insurance while on the road
21. Assemble the tool kit
22. Obtain minimal spares (belts, maybe and alternator and starter motor, a clutch, fuses, bulbs, bulbs fuses etc)
23. Obtain new number plates with Euro symbols
24. Sort out breakdown cover (probably AA on existing membership) ... there is that perverse part of me that thinks my being a member for the best part of twenty years will afford me good service if the crunch comes ... which if BT, O2 and Direct line are any proof of will demonstrate utter contempt for their long standing customers at the first sniff of trouble. To elucidate they all bollocks’d up their final payments at account closure time  and then chased for sums of money measuring less than £20 to Amanda’s and I’s previous address, tracked us down eventually to our new temporary address (which we provided them for final statements while still at the old address) and wrote snotagrams saying that if they didn’t get paid for their fuck ups they would move our “debts” to a collection agency ... because of course the previous reminders went to our old home. There is a word, but Amanda says I’m not allowed to use it on the blog
25. There must be one, I’ll re-read the official version of this list again when I’m not fried

Amanda said the last few weeks and days would be the most difficult in terms of breaking out, leaving work is the easy bit. She was right.

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