Monday, 10 June 2013

Insulation Pictures

See below pictures from three and a bit days of intense lagging with materials various. I was very pleasantly surprised by the insulating effect of the foil over bubble wrap. I should explain: the blown fibre has only filled frame cavities so far, so its thermal properties are still minimal. The foil on the other hand, has proved that it does exactly what it says on the tin.

I spent about four hours in the van on Sunday afternoon with the side door slightly ajar to allow the glues fumes to be blown out. What I couldn’t know until I stepped out of the van was the difference between the overall external temperature and the internal temperature; from pleasantly warm to goose bump chilly. What makes the whole thing even more surprising, is that the only heat source inside the van was me. I think this foil stuff is the bees knees ... I’m so pleased I’m even going to give B&Q a link to it ... invest in this stuff you won’t regret it:

There are a few tweaks to be done, and I need to shuffle the pile of fit out stuff backwards so I can get to the panels behind the drivers doors. The pictures don’t show the roof section complete with all cross spars now covered. I think I should complete the entire thing by the end of this evening.

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