Wednesday, 15 May 2013

And Breathe.

All good things come to those that wait. Mohomoho is back, however I think Big Yellow is a better nick name: See pictures attached.

I’m 90% happy with the finish, though I have been spoiled in the past with flatting and polishing to a mirror finish; so maybe my expectations were a little too high. The welding is great and all the structural internal rust is gone. I have some tiny internal rust spots to deal with but these are entirely cosmetic. There are a few other bits for me to do, a soapy wash and wax, and fitting of the external body fittings (bump stops for doors). The insides are filthy with dust from paint over spray and filler rubbing down, so a wet wipe inside is due.

The old emergency light cluster at the rear has been removed, the blue roof light from the front is gone, and the windows on the side are re-fitted, there is a minor problem in this area highlighted by the external power wash, to whit; if you force water round the edges at high pressure it will get in. This isn’t too difficult to sort out, it just requires a bead of non setting windscreen mastic to be pumped into the seam. I am also going to replace the Herzim Strip (screw cover strip) that runs around the entire window edge (I did nearly 30mtrs of it on the old Moho, and is purely cosmetic in this instance).

Faults: one is mine for sure, I didn’t mention that the front door and wing offside were rubbing, they didn’t notice until after they sprayed and closed the door and some while later found a scrape on the door runner. There is a minor run at the top of the sliding door, on the bevelled part of the panel (you can only see it from a certain angle, and not direct on). Other than these obvious bits it’s fab, and Garry has asked us to pop back if we find any real snags.
So that’s it ready, sealed for conversion. I have to stuff out the internal skeleton with micro fleece, pre-line the sides with an ecofoil type product, and pull out the last of the redundant emergency vehicle electrics. Then on the third weekend of June it’s back down to Devon to be converted and we can sit back a bit and relax, save some cash, and enjoy high summer living by the seaside ... is the plan.

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