Monday, 5 November 2012

No News is No News.

This last week has seen us being miserable, anxious and generally irritable. It’s not a great time of year, with the clocks going back, and daylight hours being restricted to that portion of the day you have to spend inside at work. The only people to view the house couldn’t be arsed to give the estate Agent feedback; we assume that’s the last we’ll hear from them.

Time wasters, I reckon they are at least thirty percent of footfall, based on previous sales. Now we need the other sixty percent to come knocking, and we are now counting down the days to the opening up the sale to other estate agents.

In terms of planning options, we are currently in suck it and see mode. We’ll know what we are doing next when the market moves. If the market moves?

On the up side we had a really great time on Saturday at London fields Lido (the last heated open air pool in London) and we plan on going as often as possible through the winter months … well just because why not? And we now know what we are aiming to do on Boxing Day.

Picture courtesy of the Guardian Newspaper (you can't take your own ... people get cross and call the police).

Other than these gems, I think posts will slow down over the next few weeks as the urge to hibernate takes hold, albeit with the odd interlude for a couple of motorhome jobs I need to get done (as per earlier post), and any posts arising based on the success or failure of said jobs.

TTFN then.

PS: The Sloe Gin is coming along fine.

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