Friday, 5 October 2012

Nowhere Week

It’s been one of those weeks, where nothing has happened and nothing has gotten done. In the Motorhome there lies a roll of noise deadening felt from here: and a role of carpet from here: (same place obviously just different pages ... we picked the very dark navy blue for the cab). The noise deadening felt is for inside the engine bay and bonnet, and if there is enough I will add some to the rudimentary hard rubber stuff inside the door metalwork.

A week or so ago I replaced a broken window winding handle, and got eyes on with the issue of renovating the decor panels on the inside of the doors. This requires those little plastic retaining clips because the ones on the motorhome are twenty years old and brittle. However if thee seek, thee shall find: These guys are primarily for the automotive industry direct, however as long as you are willing to buy packs of x50, when you may only need x20, on balance your going to save yourself some time. And I have found without exception so far, that if you are willing to stick a sample of what you want in the post to these people they will come back with and exact match or as near as damn it match, and advice on how to make it work.

For instance, the cab door seals on the motor home are shot, after a bit of trawling I found these guys Even Peugeot don’t make the door seals for our cab anymore, so we had to find a next best fit (if you’re interested it’s the ETS1472 that we settled for) 9 metres of it.

Why then if I have all this stuff lying around waiting to be done, have I not done anything? Well I’ll tell you why: Pesky fucking germs is why. We are both run down, a bit skint and weary. It’s been a tough year since February. I know this because I looked back through the blog this week, from the first foundations post, through to Septembers last post, and re-read the rollercoaster that’s been the last eight months. While I reviewed I added some pictures, tidied up some grammar and spellings that got missed despite quality control reading everything in Word, Blogger and Blogger preview pane ... you would be amazed at how each view actually highlights issues such as “were and wear and where, or than and that” in the wrong places, but spelt “spelled” write ... right ... so spell checker doesn’t highlight them, but all the same they are the wrong forms of the word. I think it happens because I’ve been writing something else somewhere else and a particular form of a word is lodged in my forebrain (that’s a metaphorical forebrain by the way ... I have no idea where the brain actually caches its frequently used words for the auto complete function when typing).

Back to the plot; germs have laid me low, when I’ve not been coughing like a championship cougher, I’ve been sitting on the sofa drinking hot tea to sooth my aching neck and feeling sorry for myself. I’ve been looking out the window at the weather and watching the leaves on the Lime Tree turn yellow and scatter before the wind (really it’s just a week since most of the leaves were still green and still attached).

So the wind has blown and it’s been bright clear blue for an hour, and then dark and drizzly for an hour ... the weather is confused. I’m lacking energy and motivation, and I chide myself that if I’m too ill to go to work, then I shouldn’t be outside cutting carpet and messing around with high temperature contact adhesives under the bonnet.

Is the week a total loss? No. I’ve written several thousand words of the book that I’m writing, and I’ve made backups both to external hard drive and USB stick of everything important, I’ve tidied the blog, and posted pictures where appropriate. And now I have rationalised everything and thought it through writing this piece. I don’t like being under the weather it compromises your sense of self regardless of achievements under duress.

Until next time then, ttfn.

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