Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I’ve never really gotten into Ebay; not because I’m not interested, but because time is more precious to me than money, and Ebay as I found out last night takes time and lots of it ... so I was right that not bothering until now was the right decision. However there comes a time when not diving in possibly becomes self defeating.
I have by various mean acquired twenty three 2000ad, Star Wars and Amtrak Wars related graphic novels, and they are almost all first editions. If they each sold for £10 then clearly I would make £230 or there about. All good, but what a pain in the arse if you aren’t inclined to selling second hand kit regardless of perceived value. For this potential £230 I would hope to buy a one of these It’s a boy toy I know but it’s ever so useful ... I’ve convinced myself, Temperature, Altimeter, Barometer, and Tide Times plus all sorts of other functions. What more could you want from a watch?
So there’s the reward for my Ebay hours. Below is the pain
First of all twenty three digital photos need to be taken, followed by downloading and tweaking said pictures, then you need to create an individual item sale (in part assisted by a template), then an in-depth inspection of each book to make sure any defects etc, are noted in the description to protect yourself from bad reviews or returns. Having done this whole process twenty three times, you are gifted with the paranoia that your £0.99 staring price will only ever make £1.00 and you will have shot yourself in the foot with what should be valuable (in someone’s world) memorabilia, and your shiny monster Casio G-shock watch recedes into the darkest pit of your pipe dream laden Id.
Annoyingly I found myself this morning loading the EBay App on to the Tab so I could see what was going on (if anything)? And then had to ask around about whether I should have put reserve prices on things.

At the same time as I did the Ebay thing I also put up an old but massive tent and a folding weights bench on Gumtree, I expected that by 10am they would be sold and my hotmail inbox would be overflowing with offers, but no ... not a sniff, and these items are going for a song,  because I don’t use them, they’ve been hanging around forever and I don’t want to pay for them to live in our lovely container.
I think ... no I know, this has always been my experience with selling stuff ... time, effort, paranoia, stupid questions, time wasters and tomfoolery. This kit has seven days to sell and then it’s going to get re-homed at the local charity shop, I shall be poorer in pocket but the bio-electric part of me interacting with the (postulated) Higgs field, known more commonly as my immortal soul (though there is no proof of its immortality as yet), shall feel happier ... mostly because I won’t have this irritating little fucking bee ... nay wasp now buzzing around in my bonnet saying “see how many bids and watchers you have” over and over and over again.

Nuff said.

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