Thursday, 2 August 2012

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From the 24th until today I have been punishing both Amanda and I with a nightly blitzkrieg of DIY ... that’s nine days. We had time off for good behaviour the weekend past, but it was brief respite and I was itching to get home and do some more painting, prodding or poking. I’m stuck now, in that it’s nearly done phase ... institutionalised by DIY, I can see the end but like a junky I suddenly find myself not knowing what the feck I’ll be doing when it’s over? Hopefully writing cycling, fishing, showing prospective buyers around and research.
On our minor weekend (night off) we used the Moho in anger for the first time, and like total newbies forgot to fill the toilet reservoir with water and  (you’ll excuse my indelicate turn of phrase) piss and shite smell eliminator and germ eradicator ... because that’s what it is. So going to the loo involved wasted bottles of Evian and fear of splash back (caravan loos have a swirly flush that avoids any splash whatsoever ... unless you’re a bloke, and unless you’re willing to sit down ... I’am). 

Moving swiftly on; we parked on our friends drive and went a visiting for a birthday do. Before we left said driveway, we made up the bed and got everything ready at the kitchen end of the habitation unit. We then left, secure in the knowledge, that there would be no clambering up titchy ladders ... but there would be oodles of space, shared body heat and easy access to the loo (in spite of the issue mentioned above). Around 1am on Sunday morning we strolled back from the soirĂ©e we’d attended, did pre-sleep ablutions and crashed out.

What can one say? The new bed is a triumph of bigness and available space ... a little firm maybe, which we can sort out with a mattress topper, but who cares about that. The bed is huge, there’s room for three easily (you never know), room for my support pillow (that’s just a pillow that prevents my lumbar twisting too far round and making the old war wound ache. And of course there’s room enough that never shall the breath of one sleeper sully the skin of another sleeper thus keeping them from the arms of Morpheus, or the Sandman or whatever sleep related daemon you go to bed with. And for no reason that I can define (a placebo effect), it also appears to make the snoring of another less of a chore. All things being equal I’m happy as Larry with the results... even a torrential downpour overnight didn’t wake us (though beer may have played a part).

I guess this proves a theory; that if you are comfortable where you are going to sleep in advance of said sleep, then sleep well you will. And good sleep ... it can’t be over emphasised is critical to harmony, and especially if you’re going to be so confined every night for so long.
The Moho has moved into tweaks and fiddle mode, and one major leak test on the shower and waste water system that I have also finished connecting ... I may have mentioned it elsewhere ... sure I did ... never mind. All that’s really required now is a sunny weekend, provisions for two days and a destination. I’ll keep you posted.

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