Wednesday, 8 August 2012


We now have two articles that have been commented on; one comment is from a mate of mine the other is from a storage company offering me the opportunity to avail myself of their services ... which I won’t on principal as much as any other reason. I didn’t produce a blog for companies to advertise their services on, unless they are paying for the privilege (and even then only stuff that I want to advertise).
Interestingly though what the comment proves is that at the back of this Google bloggerverse is a trending engine and monitoring service that probably uses some offshoot of Adsense to allow companies like the one that has posted a commercial comment on my post about s-e-l-f s-t-o-r-a-g-e companies, and what a bunch of arse they are generally to home in on the fact that twenty fours or less ago I used the words S-e-l-f S-t-o-r-a-g-e in an article.
Viewing statistics generally indicate that legitimate readership or viewers of this blog are low to zero, and the only real traffic that passes through is the sort that alerts commercial entities to the fact that you might be a spam candidate.
Technology, what a thing it is? Makes you think about shutting up, shutting up shop and disappearing of the face of the Earth. Money useful as it is; is the root of all c—tishness.
That’s Clots if you were wondering ... ahem.

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